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leakshield removes unauthorized copies of your pictures and videos. On all platforms. Automatically. Anonymously.


leakshield protects your content on all platforms, including:

Is your content used without permission?

  • Premium content (OnlyFans, Patreon, MDH etc.) is leaked and shared illegally.
  • Your pictures and videos are published on unauthorized websites.
  • Fake accounts use your pictures and steal your identity.

You're struggling to remove infringements?

  • Websites and platforms don't act on your reports.
  • You can't possibly find all infringements.

All you need to know:

11 good reasons to work with us.

2 hours⌀ time until removal
> 2,000creators
> 15,000,000copyright infringements detected

Ever since we started using leakshield, we no longer spend time fighting leaks down to the source and on relevant search engines. This allows us to finally focus on content creation.

Sven and Andreas - Content Creator

I am extremely satisfied with leakshield and the exceptional leak removal service they offer. Their swift action and around-the-clock availability ensured that leaked content was removed within a few days. Demonstrating efficiency and reliability, I wholeheartedly recommend them to all content creators grappling with leaks and unauthorized sharing of their content.

Peachyboy - Content Creator

leakshield is the first company that could effectively remove my leaks.

Romeo Twink - Content Creator

All you need to know:

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